Here, we will take a look at some of the great and popular Opera singers who lived in the past.

Jules Bastin

Bastin made his debut in the year 1960. In his debut, at La Monnaie, he sang Charon in L’Orfeo. He became very popular in a short time frame and featured in Europe’s major opera house. Before turning as a singer, Bastin was a teacher of French, German and history. Additionally, he also sang in the popular Opera house in North and South America. Some of the renowned songs are O Holy Night, Louise and Pauvres enfant.

Eula Beal

Born in the year 1919 in California, Eula Beal is a popular American contralto. She started her singing career by taking part in the local competitions held at the Redlands Bowl. In s short span of time, she became a reputed classic musician by the 1940’s. She is known for her upper voice without going away from contralto sound. Some of the works she featured are “None but the Lonely Heart”, St. Matthew Passion and Ave Maria.

Richard Tucker

A popular American operatic tenor, Richard Tucker is known for officiating as a cantor during Rosh Hashana. He is also known for having a long contract with Columbia Records. He is the only singer to have his funeral in the Opera stage. After the death of Tucker, his son, widow, friends and colleagues established the Richard Tucker Music Foundation. New York City has allotted a park naming Richard Tucker Square adjacent to the Lincoln centre. A corner of the street also named after him and various shows and concerts are conducted in his name.

Francesco Albanese

Francesco Albanese, a popular lyric tenor, is known for his work on opera as a great singer. He spent most of his career in Italy and also performed in South America, Portugal and London. He is very much known for Neapolitan songs. One of most popular Neapolitan songs is Dicitencello Vuje. Though he spent most of his life in Italy, he died in London. Some of the other songs he recorded are Ifigenia and La Traviata.  

Andrés Huc Santana

Andrés Huc Santana, a popular singer, began his career by doing a small portion in “Louise”. He made his first debut for Theatre Municipal in the year 1941. Apart from France, he also performed in other countries like Algeria, Italy and Tunis. In addition to singing and concerts, he was also acting as one of the juries in the International vocal competitions. He passed away in the year 1982 in Paris.

John Charles Thomas

Born in the year 1981, John Charles Thomas first studied medicine and then joined the musical troupe in the year 1912. He featured in many musicals such as Apple Blossoms, Her Solider Boy, and Naughty Marietta. Some of his popular songs are “The Last Time I Saw Paris” and “O du mein holder” and “Green Eyed Dragon”.

Dan Beddoe

Born in the UK in 1863, Dan Beddoe is a Welsh operatic tenor. During his career, he was praised by many of the reviews and magazines such as Cincinnati Enquirer, New York Evening Post and New York Times. Dan Beddoe is very much known for his clear and ringing voice. Some of the popular songs under his belt are “O Danny Boy” and “A Moonlight Song”.

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