Long drives can be both tiring and boring unless you have someone who can keep you company. And even then, the company you are with can turn out to be annoying especially if they talk nonstop and you are not in the mood for any conversation.

The best thing to do is put on some music. I would suggest turning on the radio but what could be irritating are the ads that come in between. Sometimes, you are already enjoying the song being played only to be cut short by the comments of the radio host or the commercial ads that are inserted.

Now you have to be considerate with the type of songs that you will play. You’ll be surprised that if you play loud, rock music, it will keep awake but it makes you more tired. It takes the body more effort to adapt to loud music that is why your energy is spent. And getting tired while driving is something you wouldn’t want to happen.

It will still depend on your preferences of what type of music you can play during long drives. What is best recommended is relaxing music with an uppity beat. Nothing too strenuous to listen to but not too slow and boring it will make you doze off while you are driving.

There are hundreds of best music playlists you will find on the Internet. If you browse thru them you will be surprised at the vast selections of songs these lists are recommending. Some of the songs you will agree to be the best to play during a long drive, while you do not on the others. Once you have your own selection of songs, the best way you can appreciate them is to have a really good car sound system.

You don’t have to be brand specific when you install your car’s sound system. It could be any brand as long as you buy the best car amps for your money. Amplifiers make the sound of your music crisp and clear and very pleasant to the ears. You will have a better appreciation for your music with high-quality amplifiers.

Jazz, classical and a few of your favourite mainstream artists’ music are the best to listen to while you are on a long drive. An hour or two of nonstop rock or rap music can be painful to the ears unless it is your type of music. If you want to experience a relaxed driving experience, both as a driver and passenger, play some music that is soothing and a true listening pleasure.

There are other types of genre that may not be as popular but equally interesting. There is ambient music like Enya. You may want something vocally interesting like Adele or Taylor Swift just to update you with what is relatively new. For some reason, 80s music from its early stages to its transition to the British invasion is a crowd favourite when it comes to preferences on what to play during long drives. In a lot of surveys, music from U2, Springsteen and Michael Jackson are still included in the playlist of drivers on a long trip.

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