There are lots of new and attractive things happening in the UK related to music and arts. In this line, the Wigmore Hall has caught the attraction of music enthusiasts by conducting La Nuova Musica. In this concert, the musicians presented Antonio Cesti’s Orontea. It is really worth to know about the interesting character of Cesti, who lived from 1623 to 1669. He became popular at a young age of 14 years, and got interested in wilder things and joined in a group of music artists. Later on, he went to opera and created a new form of art.

Cesti was kicked out as a monk for leading an irregular life and went to Innsbruck. It was that time Orontea was written. He then moved to Rome, where he was insulted by making him work in the Papal office. After that, he managed to come to France, where Orontea became very famous that it was presented in 20 cities in a span of 20 years. Then, the copies of Orontea remained lost until these were found in Bologna and Cambridge. Ten years ago, the benchmark recording was done by René Jacobs.

La Nuova Musica did an excellent job by presenting the Orontea by taking a cue from the René Jacobs, thanks to the lead conductor David Bates. There were lots of musical instruments used to present the concert. Some of the instruments to be mentioned here are harpsichords, theorbos, violins, viola da gambam barque guitars, violin, etc. Before the start of the show, the audiences were given complete printed texts for easy verification. Some people mentioned that they were unable to read the texts from their places.

Apart from the instrumentation, vocal renditions were clear that simply enhanced overall presentation. If you want to know more about the upcoming concerts and shows in Wigmore, you can simply go through Wigmore Hall website. We can hope the future presentation of La Nuova Musica will be as good as the past.

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