Right from ancient days, women were subjected to various suppressions. For example, women were forbidden from taking part in various performances and fine arts. Now, there is a question that has arisen whether BBC is serious about women music conductors? This question came right after Xian Zhang has been appointed as principal guest conductor of the BBC national orchestra of Wales. It is agreeable that gender is not going to play a part in conducting a performance. It is not the anatomy of men or women going to conduct the music, but the person’s passion, skill and knowledge.

Like Xian Zhang, there are many women conductors in the world. However, most of them have not come to limelight because the media light did not fall on them. Media can be blamed for creating unnecessary tokenism that has harmed the women in the music industry. Xian Zhang stayed away from the media circus, which is nothing but a hoax. Generally, media focus on white men and stay away from the wider issue. For media, it needs to publish some sensational issues rather than finding some solutions to the on-going problems.

Xian Zhang is a Chief Conductor at the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi. She has built a strong career in the whole of Europe. For many years, she has been working with BBC and their orchestra, which was revitalized significantly after the appointment of Thomas Søndergård. Xian Zhang got the job because she played a role in the improvisation. But the question is there are many women conductors around such as Sussane Maikki and will BBC appoint them as conductors? However, it seems that BBC does not even bother about them due to the lack of media limelight.

However, BBC will realize the quality of the orchestra, thanks to their decision of ignoring women conductors. A conductor should be recognized on his or her talent and music talent and not through other factors such as gender, media highlight, etc.

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